Composit at the exhibition «Coal of Russia and Mining»

International specialized exhibition of Mining Technologies «Coal of Russia and mining» and International specialized exhibitions «Labor protection and Safety of vital activity», «Bowels of Russia» are the only project in Russia for all mining industries and a unique platform for demonstration of the newest technologies, that opens up better horizons for cooperation between foreign and local companies and allows to use  presented opportunities for business development. The exhibition influences greatly on the development of Russian coal companies and the expansion of foreign trade. Moreover, it is the greatest exhibition of technologies of underground coal production. The exhibition «Coal of Russia and mining» united about 626 organizations from 27 countries and more than 38 thousand of people visited this exhibition in 2018.Manufacturing wear resistance rubber hoses for slurry transportation, Composit is of interest to the companies of coal industries and mining complex. Regarding this fact, Composit regularly takes part in the exhibition, so this year won’t be an exception. We look forward to seeing you at the exhibition «Coal of Russia and mining».Our booth number is E.20, the pavilion number 1.

17 05 2019 / - COMPOSIT
Composit at the Southern Federal Area

Composit successfully cooperates with companies in the Southern Federal Area and supplies our products there. Composit representatives regularly visit this region in order to provide author’s supervision for the installed hoses. In April our employees visited the company in the Southern Federal Area, where Composit rubber lined hose of 426 mm diameter 3 m in length had been installed in February 2019. Since then, Composit hose has been successfully operating without any complaints from the customer-company. We would like to mention that this type of hose was installed outside at the transportation line for the first time. Previously, Composit rubber lined hoses were installed at the territory of other companies only in an enclosed space.

16 05 2019 / - COMPOSIT
Starting the exhibition Mining World Russia 2019

The 23-rd International exhibition of machines and equipment for mining, processing and transportation of minerals Mining World Russia has officially started in the exhibition center Crocus Expo, in Moscow yesterday. Mining World Russia 2019 unites global trends and applied technologies. Machines, equipment and technologies for mining and processing complex, ore processing plants and for safety of mining works are presented here on area of 15 thousand m2. The national stands of Germany, Norway, Australia, Finland, China, India, France and Turkey are exhibiting at Mining Word Russia 2019. Composit is presenting the samples of its products, such as: several types of hoses, couplings, rubber gasket, rubber lined bend, rubber lined t-section and other equipment. We are looking forward to seeing you at Mining World Russia 2019! You can find us in Hall 1 (3) booth C 337.

24 04 2019 / - COMPOSIT
Composit in the Republic of Uzbekistan

The main application field of dredgers that are being used in the republic of Uzbekistan are clearing of watersupply channels, irrigation and dredging works. Since Russian companies have got contracts on supplying a big batch of dredgers to Uzbekistan in 2018, Composit specialists decided to visit this region in order to build partnerships and to reach arrangements of future Composit rubber hoses supplying. Composit representatives evaluated working conditions of dredgers at the sites in Uzbekistan and discussed an opportunity of supplying our products with potential customers. Besides, they got acquainted with current state of our previously supplied rubber hoses to this region. Composit rubber hoses have been successfully working in the conditions of river operation without any complaints from customers for more than 3 years.

22 04 2019 / - COMPOSIT
Composit at Mining World Russia 2019

The 23-rd International exhibition of machines and equipment for mining, processing and transportation of minerals Mining World Russia will be held from 23rd to 25th of April in the exhibition center Crocus Expo, Moscow. The exhibition Mining World Russia was awarded with a title «The largest exhibition in Russia» in the section «Natural resources». For example, 332 companies from 31 countries including manufacturers and suppliers from Russia, Australia, Austria, republic of Belarus, Belgium, Great Britain, Germany, Italy and others took part in this event last year. Moreover, 4724 specialists from 48 countries and 72 regions of the Russian Federation visited the exhibition last year and also more than 2000 visitors of TransRussia and Expo Electroica got acquainted with the exposition. Composit annually takes part in the exhibition Mining World Russia, because companies-participants have a great opportunity to cooperate with business-visitors such as specialists of mining and processing plants, concentrating factories, mining companies, quarries, mines, shafts. We welcome everyone to Mining World Russia 2019! Our booth number is C 337 in the pavilion 1 (3).

19 04 2019 / - COMPOSIT
Composit floating hoses in Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Area

There are many great rivers and streams with the total length for more than 172  thousand km in Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Area. In addition, more than 2/3 of this territory is occupied by swamps that surrounded by about 290 thousand lakes. Due to mentioned hydrographic conditions of Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Area dredging is well-developed in this region. The main feature of Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Area’s climate is that winters are severe and long with extended snow and ice covering and short summers so it is necessary to use the hoses with maximum resistance not only to abrasive wear but also to climatic conditions. In relation to mentioned characteristics of Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Area many companies choose Composit wear-resistant hoses for carrying out dredging works. For example, in 2018 our company-partner bought Composit hose of 530 mm inner diameter with universal plastic float. This hose is successfully exploited by our customer at the quarry in taiga of Yamal-Nenets Autonomous Area. This Composit hose is exploited even in conditions of subzero temperatures.

12 04 2019 / - COMPOSIT
Starting the BAUMA 2019

Today one of the biggest exhibitions of construction developments in the world, named BAUMA has started. This is the 32nd time when the BAUMA meets manufacturers of construction equipment, representatives of the mining industry, labor protection specialists and many other representatives of the construction industry. More than 3700 exhibitors from 60 countries are taking part in this big event. All the exhibition stands are already opened and ready for being visited. Composit representatives have also started to meet visitors at our booth. Welcome everyone to Bauma 2019! Our booth number is B2.116!

08 04 2019 / - COMPOSIT
Author’s supervision of Composit products in Kazakhstan

Composit representatives visited the company of mining and processing of copper ore in republic of Kazakhstan in early March. This company has been using our products for more than one year. These products are: Composit hose system and multi-lens compensator. As a result of the visit our representatives together with engineers took all necessary measurements and performed author's supervision of Composit previously delivered products. According to the feedback of consumer-company in Kazakhstan, Composit hose system successfully managed high manufacturing pressure and worked without any claims in conditions of abrasive wear.

29 03 2019 / - COMPOSIT
Composit at BAUMA 2019

We are glad to invite you to visit our booth at BAUMA 2019, that will take place on  April 8-14 in the exhibition center Messe-Muenchen, Munich, Germany. BAUMA - is the largest international meeting place and most important multiplier for the industry. The reason: bauma’s global network and digital touchpoints do not only reach the trade visitors at the exhibition itself, but the entire industry around the globe. A reach that is of benefit to both exhibitors and visitors. Because to be present at bauma means to have access to all markets, to all target groups, to all decision-makers. Visiting this exhibition is a great chance to open up new horizons, find investors and new markets for realization of our products. We are looking forward to seeing you at BAUMA 2019, Composit booth number is  116 in the hall # 2.

29 03 2019 / - COMPOSIT
Composit products in the countries of Baltic States

In the beginning of March, Composit representatives visited the countries of Baltic States. In these countries our employees held meetings with many companies that were carrying out dredging works, cleaning up rivers and lakes and also extracting sand and gravel. As a result of all meetings our representatives have identified potential consumers of Composit products in Baltic States, have established arrangements on future shipments and also, they have collected feedbacks for analysis of Composit previously delivered products. Besides, we would like to mention that customers of Composit rubber hoses gave us positive feedback about operation of these hoses in conditions of river exploitation. According to the opinion of consumers, Composit hoses were successfully used during carrying out dredging works. This fact proved the high level of quality and wearing property of Composit hoses.

25 03 2019 / - COMPOSIT
Preparing for Bauma 2019

One of the largest exhibitions of building developments Bauma 2019 is less than a month away. All companies that are going to take part in this exhibition as exhibitors and as visitors are actively preparing for Bauma because the level of this event and also its economic and innovative importance are very high. Bauma is one of the largest platforms for acquaintance with manufacturers of construction and mining equipment, and also for presentation of engineering and architectural solutions, so it is necessary to pay great attention preparing exhibition and our booth design. Within this context Composit is building up the stand of our company and preparing the samples of our products for the exhibition. Composit is going to present the following products At Bauma 2019: flexible hose with a coupling and a gasket, lens compensator, steel rubber lined hose and rubber lined t-section. Welcome to our booth at Bauma 2019!

22 03 2019 / - COMPOSIT
Composit hoses at the dredger in Azerbaijan

In February Composit took part in The Second Hydraulic Engineering Structures and Dredging Congress, which was organized by the leading industry media-group PortNews with the support of Federal Marine and River Transport Agency. Composit representatives got acquainted with the latest dredging information and news. There were two thematic magazines: the new February issue of «Port News» and the issue of «Magazine about dredging» of DAMEN company. Both of them placed the detailed article about carrying out dredging works in Azerbaijan  by the milling dredger CSD500 with Composit floating rubber hoses. The mentioned dredger CSD500 is one of the largest models in a range of DAMEN dredgers. It can pump about 4000 m3 of mixture of water and soil per an hour. Composit floating rubber hoses with UPF have been installed and have successfully been working at this dredger since summer of 2018. The photos of the milling dredger CSD500 with Composit floating hoses in conditions of river exploitation are also placed in the mentioned article.  

15 03 2019 / - COMPOSIT
New-look Composit steel rubber products

Composit produces wear resistant rubber lined hoses and other steel rubber products which are often used for transportation of abrasive mixture at the companies of mining and processing complex. Since we’ve been manufacturing steel rubber-lined products we coated them with recognizable bright blue color with white marking. This year due to re-branding efforts we started to paint steel rubber products black with bright orange marking «Composit». In March our company shipped to customers the first batch of steel rubber products painted black with new marking.

15 03 2019 / - COMPOSIT
International Women`s day!

Dear ladies, we congratulate you on International Women`s day! We wish you happiness, love, good mood and cloudless sky over your head! Congratulations on the holiday of spring!

07 03 2019 / - COMPOSIT
Composit takes part in the opening of the The Second Hydraulic Engineering Structures and Dredging Congress

Today a delegation from Composit company is taking part in the opening of The Second Hydraulic Engineering Structures and Dredging Congress in Moscow. Our employees will present a report entitled: “Russian-made wear-resistant pipelines for dredging”. Michael Lunev, the head the sales department of dredging, will report on. At the moment, together with other sponsors Composit representatives are greeting all the arriving guests of the Congress. Welcome all interested guests!

20 02 2019 / - COMPOSIT
Composit is going to take part in The Second Hydraulic Engineering Structures and Dredging Congress

In February, Composit representatives will take part in The Second Hydraulic Engineering Structures and Dredging Congress, which will be held in Moscow in the Chamber of Commerce and Industry. The congress is organized by the leading industry media-group PortNews with the support of Federal Marine and River Transport Agency, and Composit is one of the main sponsors of this event. The Congress will include the VI International Forum of Dredging Companies and the second technical conference “Modern Solutions for Hydrotechnic Engineering. The event program will be devoted to the most modern technologies: speakers and delegates will discuss the features of the underwater operations, the fleet and equipment used for this, on the basis of real projects. In turn, Composit representatives will touch upon the topic of using the rubber pipelines for successful and cost-effective dredging. We would like to underline that this Congress has been successfully held for many years, and Composit has become its regular partner.

18 02 2019 / - COMPOSIT
Composit products in Kazakhstan

On February 13th, our company shipped a large batch of rubber lined pipelines DU 351 and Composit rubber lined products. These products were delivered to the company of the mining complex in the Republic of Kazakhstan. In addition, Composit members, together with the design engineering department, consistently visit  tracings at  Kazakhstan companies, which have been cooperating with us for several years purchasing the products. For example, from 2nd to 10th of February, our employees conducted a regular tracings of  Kazakhstan company in for re-delivery of Composit products.

15 02 2019 / - COMPOSIT
Composit representatives participated in the workshop

Composit employees regularly participate in exhibitions, forums and seminars, presenting company products there. They also attend many training courses, which give an opportunity to gain precious knowledge and experience that can be successfully applied in future. This year, our employees have collectively attended the training of the famous Russian manager Maxim Batyrev entitled“Managing complex subordinates”, he told about the main types of complex subordinates and the step-by-step technology of working with them have been dismantled. This was not the first time of visiting his trainings by our managers. Earlier, our team took Maxim Batyrev’s classes, and moreover, every manager read the books of this author on management and sales. Maxim Batyrev (Kombat) is a well-known Russian manager, winner of the awards “Commercial Director of the Year”, “Manager of the Year”, “Business Author of the Year” and “Business Speaker of the Year”, author of super-bestsellers “45 Tattoos of the Manager” (the best business book of 2014), “45 Tattoos Sold” and "45 personality tattoos." Maxim has gone from an ordinary specialist to the top manager of a large Russian company. According to "Kommersant" the publishing house he is in the TOP-1000 managers of the country. He also has received an Executive MBA degree at the Institute of Business and Business Administration of the RANEPA. Composit representatives got  only positive emotions from this training and are ready to use their skills and knowledge in everyday practice.

08 02 2019 / - COMPOSIT
Composit’s 27th Birthday!

Today is our 27th birthday!!! During these years we have achieved great success, every month we increase our production value and stuffing capacity. We thank all of our personnel and partners and wish further development and prosperity!

07 02 2019 / - COMPOSIT
Composit hoses in Kazakhstan

In December of 2018 in order to author’s supervision Composit members visited a project site in Kazakhstan – the dredger with installed Composit rubber hoses and rubber line bends. Kazakhstan company has replaced all the metallic hoses to rubber hoses and rubber lined bends of 402 mm diameter on the dredger deck and pressure floating branch. All this allowed to ensure trouble-free operation of Composit hoses for carrying out dredging works and with minimum wearing during last 4 years. Speaking long term the replacement old metallic hoses to rubber hoses has contributed to achieving maximum positive effect of carrying out dredging works. As a result of this visit our representatives found out that the hoses were working without any claims for several navigation seasons. These hoses are ready for further use.

01 02 2019 / - COMPOSIT
Composit at Bauma 2019

  Вauma is one of the biggest exhibitions of construction developments in the world. The exhibition is held once every three years in Munich. Representatives from different countries can get acquainted with the latest developments in the field of construction equipment, new products for the mining industry, and can take part in discussions of innovative technologies, listen to reports of leading experts. For a half a century existence, the exhibition has already earned the status of a world leader among events of this kind. Bauma 2019 will certainly be interesting for manufacturers of construction equipment, representatives of the mining industry, labor protection specialists and many other representatives of the construction industry. The previous 31st exhibition was held in 2016. It occupied the whole exhibition complex that is why it obtained the status of the biggest exhibition in the world. Every time Bauma collects moreover half a million visitors from many countries and 2016 was remembered by a record number of guests – 580000 people visited the exhibition. This year Bauma will collect more visitors and participants in 2019, that is why a larger exhibition complex has already been built. A clear structure of the exhibition areas will easily help you to make a plan for visiting events. Thanks to this, visitors will be able to see the maximum number of exhibits, attend seminars and at the same time won’t forget the main goal of visit. Composit also will not miss such a grand event in the field of world manufacturing, as Bauma 2019. Therefore, our company will take part in the exhibition and we will present such products as: rubber pipes, coupling pipes, rubber products and compensators. These products are used by enterprises of the mining complex for hydro and pneumatic feeding of abrasive materials in the lines of vacuum, injection and discharge. The Composit wear-resistant slurry pipeline allows you to ensure trouble-free operation of the transportation line in enterprises, eliminate hydraulic losses, ensure ease of installation in the cramped conditions of factories and a long service life even on the most difficult work areas. The exhibition Bauma 2019 – is a unique opportunity to present new technologies and science researches, and to declare the young talents. Welcome everyone to Bauma 2019! Our booth is B2.116!

01 02 2019 / - COMPOSIT
Composit hoses in the Astrakhan Region

Current level of dredging development allows to solve global ecological problems of Russian rivers’ condition. Particularly, dredging companies have an opportunity to carry out dredging works at narrow rivers and hard-to-reach areas by using flexible rubber hoses that makes possible to get the maximum effect from it. Composit hoses were supplied to the object in the Astrakhan Region for carrying out dredging works in spring of 2018. The floating hose, the hose system for submersible pump and the steel rubber line bend were supplied. All listed above Composit products were successfully fulfilled the main objectives  and have been working without any claims all navigation season.

25 01 2019 / - COMPOSIT
Composit at the SME Annual Conference & Expo

The 2019 SME Annual Conference & Expo gives you access to a forum for more than 6,000 industry professionals from all over the world to share innovative ideas, best practices and cutting-edge research in more than 120 technical sessions along with an expansive marketplace of more than 550 exhibiting companies. This is your chance to gain valuable insights into the evolution of mining and metallurgy practices in a digital world. Whether you are looking to reconnect with old acquaintances or wanting to expand your professional network, this conference provides the opportunity to do both through the expansive exhibit hall with more than 725 exhibitors displaying, networking functions, and fun social activities. Thanks to our impressive lineup of conference sessions, short courses and field trips the 2019 SME Annual Conference & Expo allows to get exclusive access to the brightest minds in the mining industry and to create a dynamic view of the future of mining, helping your organization to better understand industry changes. This year Composit representatives are going to take part in this conference because it is one of the biggest events of mining and metallurgic industry worldwide. Welcome everyone to visit our company at the SME Annual Conference & Expo in the USA!

25 01 2019 / - COMPOSIT
Composit hoses in the Astrakhan region

  Dredging works are regularly carrying out in the Volga-Caspian Channel in order to provide the fairway. But dredging works in the Volga-Caspian Channel are important not only for navigation development and providing of sailing safety. The channel is a unique object that is the key element of ports Olja and Astrakhan‘s infrastructure. State of the channel has an impact on appeal and freight turnover, realization time of the shelf projects in Caspian Sea, because large-sized objects that are built at the Astrakhan shipyard are withdrawn through this channel. Navigation at this channel is carried out in difficult hydrometeorological conditions, caused by changing of depths after wind surging and flood phenomena, that is why dredging works are carried out here annually. Composit floating hoses have been used during several navigation seasons in order to achieve maximum results of these works. Composit delivered a set of floating hoses for carrying out dredging works in the Astrakhan region in January 2019.

18 01 2019 / - COMPOSIT
The beginning of a new working year

After completion of busy past year, Composit has already started in a new production process this year. In January Composit employees have visited Russian companies-partners for carrying out chief-installation works and traces. In the immediate future our representatives are going to visit countries of near and far abroad. Moreover, manufacturing process didn’t stop even on holidays, so it is planned to ship many products to customers in January.

18 01 2019 / - COMPOSIT
Composit warmly congratulates and wishes you Happy New Year!

Dear partners!!! Composit warmly congratulates and wishes you Happy New Year! Thank you for being our partner. We look forward to serving you in 2019. We wish you peace, happiness, and good health in the new year!

27 12 2018 / - COMPOSIT
Composit hose at the Volga-Caspian shipping canal

Nowadays, the Volga-Caspian shipping canal in Volga River delta is the only way to connect inland Russian water ways with Caspian Sea Ports is This unique object is one of the most strategically important objects for Russian economy in Caspian region. It determines the opportunity of realization of economical and geopolitical state’s interests.One of the most important questions of the shipping canal exploitation is silting and shallowing of Volga’s waterway.Due to this fact, Composit hoses have been used to carry out dredging works in order to provide navigation pass of the Volga-Caspian shipping canal during last several months of navigation season.Composit hoses were exploited as a part of a dutch dredger.Currently the navigation season at the Volga-Caspian shipping canal has been successfully completed.According to the opinion of maintenance service, functionality of Composit hoses complies with the expected results, which are proved by maximum efficiency of using these hoses.

21 12 2018 / - COMPOSIT
Composit at the Mining Turkey 2018

Mining Turkey 2018 is 8th international mining, tunneling, machinery equipment and heavy-duty vehicles exhibition organized by Tüyap Fairs and Exhibitions Organization Inc. in collaboration with Turkish Mining Development Foundation. From 13th to 16th of December the exhibition brought together all the sector professionals in Istanbul. Since 2004 more than 40000 of local and foreign attendants and almost 2000 of exhibitors from more than 30 countries visited the Mining Turkey. This year potential customers from all over the world supported by China, Germany and Czech Republic were present at the exhibition. During the Mining Turkey 2018 the important meetings were realized between exhibitors and hosted buyers supported by the Ministry of Commerce of Turkey. Besides, the seminars, symposiums and open sessions were organized and the last technologies, developments and new regulations of mining and processing industry were discussed at this exhibition. Composit representatives visited Mining Turkey 2018 in order to meet with leading companies of the industry which were potential customers of our products. As a result of our visit to the exhibition we established business relations with different companies.

21 12 2018 / - COMPOSIT