Composit hoses in Tatarstan republic

Composit representatives perform field supervision of exploitation of our rubber hoses at the objects in Tatarstan republic. The extracting material is sand and gravel mix, that is singularity of these objects. Transportation of this mix seriously affects on abrasive wear of exploited equipment. Currently works of sand and gravel extracting are carried on the junction of the rivers Kama and Volga. Composit hoses are used for supplying non-stop working of pumps at the dredgers with hydracyclones. The dredgers are equipped with these hoses to carry out works of maximum performance. After visit to the objects of sand and gravel extracting in Tatarstan republic our representatives have found out that Composit production is successfully exploited in conditions of raised abrasive wear.

16 11 2018 / - COMPOSIT
Composit representatives at the objects in Far Eastern Federal District

In October Composit members visited the objects in Far Eastern Federal District in order to establish and develop business partnerships. Enterprises of this district specialize in gold extracting. Also the works of searching coal, nicel, iron, titanium and other mineral resources are carried on. Concerning existing of  major fields of live ore in Far Eastern Federal District there are situated enterprises of mining and processing complex which are potential consumers of rubber hoses. Currently a large number of our products has already been supplied to Far Eastern Federal District and we have got positive feedback about it. As a result of our visit to the enterprises of this federal district Composit have received new applications for production of rubber hoses.

16 11 2018 / - COMPOSIT
Composit members at the site in the Khabarovsk Territory

From 29 of October to 2 of November Composit members have visited the site of our production exploitation in the Khabarovsk Territory. In order to provide  navigable channel at the mentioned site the dredger carried out dredging works and rubber hoses Composit were used for these works during the whole navigation season. Currently this navigation season of the Composit’ s corporate consumer in the Khabarovsk Territory has been successfully finished. Our representatives found out that Composit rubber hoses have been working during the whole season without any complaints. These rubber hoses are still in good condition and are almost ready to reuse next year. Composit hoses are also carried out in the Khabarovsk Territory and in the Amur Region for extracting large channel fields of quartz sand and sand and gravel mix. Due to low prime cost of extracting and comfortable location of fields the most part of sand and sand and gravel mix are extracted with dredging works from flooded fields in the Amur Region. The hydraulic dredgers  equipped with the flexible rubber hoses are the main technical ways used for extracting channel fields.

09 11 2018 / - COMPOSIT
Establishing business relations in Tunisia

From 29th of October to 2nd of November we visited our partner in Tunisia, and we have also held some meetings with other companies of mining and processing industry. As you know, Composit LLC manufactures the products not only for the companies of mining and processing complex but also for the construction and dredging companies thus we have visited those companies in Tunisia as well. We have made presentations of Composit products designed to optimize dredging works. Finally, what do we have after our visit to Tunisia? First of all, we found promising contacts and new partners; apart from that we received numerous enquires from them and have already started to work them out, but the main thing is that we got acquainted with the greatest professionals in Tunisia. So, stay tuned, the news about new shippings are on the way!

09 11 2018 / - COMPOSIT
Composit hoses in the Tyumen Region

In order to perform field supervision Composit members visited the object where our rubber hose was installed. The object of exploitation of this hose is situated in the Tyumen Region, where are a lot of companies successfully coordinating with Composit. The hose of 530 mm diameter and 100 m length is supplied with universal plastic float (UPF) and has floating construction. As a result of this visit, Composit members found out that the installed floating hose was effectively working without any reproaches and complaints from our company-client. At large the Tyumen Region is very interesting for the branch of hydralicking because there are thousands of square kilometers of wetlands according to physiographical map and resources of drainage soil usable for dumping and elaborated in traditional dry way are limited. Besides, high quality sands laid under the level of wetlands and at the areas of rivers and lakes are extracted by hydralicking. So Composit as one of the leading Russian manufacturers of rubber hoses is very interested in cooperation with companies from the Tyumen Region.

03 11 2018 / - COMPOSIT
The delivery of Composit hoses to Peru

Composit has been cooperating with different foreign companies  from all over the world for many years. Our official dealer in Southern America is G.R. Tech. G.R. Tech S.A.C. is a company with 20-years’ experience in purchasing of pumps, isolation valve, measuring and control equipment for rating of injection. Composit made acquaintance with G.R. Tech’s production and met its members at the exhibition-conference of mining industry PERUMIN 2017. Due to this conference Composit’s representatives got an opportunity to visit a lot of companies in Peru, afterwards Composit concluded a cooperation with G.R. Tech on purchasing rubber hoses. The first delivery for the company G.R. Tech took place in September. Composit supplied rubber hoses with couplings of the diameter from 100 mm to 245 mm.

01 11 2018 / - COMPOSIT
Composit at the conference «Modern methods of using inland waterways of the Russian Federation»

From 17 to 19 of October the annual all-Russian scientific-practical conference «Modern methods of using inland waterways of the Russian Federation» held in Rostov-On-Don. Leading specialists from Ministry of Transport, Federal Transportation Inspection Service,  Federal Agency for Maritime and River Transport of Russia, Russian River Register and also managing directors and leading specialists from administration of inland waterways’ basins, scientific, educational and planning organizations, Russian and foreign companies-developers, manufacturers and suppliers of equipment, used at inland waterways, public and non-commercial organizations, connected with inland water transport’s activity took part in this conference. Composit representatives delivered the presentation of Composit’s production which is needed for carrying out dredging works at inland waterways. The biggest interest was expressed to the floating hoses for operating in the marine environment, because today Composit is the one manufacturer of this kind of hoses in Russia. Besides, nowadays many companies and organizations are very interested in this kind of hoses because the question of replacement of large, uncomfortable and exhausted metallic hoses is very relevant. The photo- and video information from the object of exploitation of floating hoses Composit caused great resonance among all participants because it demonstrated convenience and positive economic effect of using these floating hoses.

26 10 2018 / - COMPOSIT
Steel rubber-lined hoses Composit in conditions of low temperature

Composit manufactures steel rubber-lined hoses for using at plants of mining and processing complex. This kind of the hose characterizes by increased wear resistance, simple assembling in conditions of limited area at plants and long-term service life even at difficult parts of work. Due to increased wear resistance of steel rubber-lined hoses, companies of mining and processing complex often purchase it for using in conditions of low temperature. For example, in September the steel rubber-lined hoses Composit of 790 mm diameter and 6 m length were installed at the mining company’s tailing dump in conditions of Extreme North. Composit members have visited the object where the steel rubber-lined hoses were installed, and have ensured problem-free functioning of it.

25 10 2018 / - COMPOSIT
The hose Composit at the «LSR group»’s object

Since 1993 the «LSR group» company specializes in extracting and purchasing construction materials such as sand, crushed stone and also has been manufacturing concrete, iron concrete, aerated concrete and stone. Besides manufacturing of construction materials, the «LSR group» carries out dredging works on different areas for future building. One of the latest «LSR group»’s projects is dredging works on a bank of the Neva Bay on Basil Island in St. Petersburg for a new residential neighborhood. Composit has manufactured and supplied the floating hose and 5-meter rubber inserts for this project. Composit representatives visited this object as a matter of planned supervision from 17 to 19 of September.

17 10 2018 / - COMPOSIT
The rubber hoses Composit have been tested by the representatives from Suez Canal Authority, Egypt

Composit has been manufacturing and selling rubber hoses both for Russian and foreign markets for many years. Composit supplies rubber hoses to different countries from all over the world, such as: Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Azerbaidjan, Mongolia, Ukraine, India, Egypt, Poland, Peru, Chile. Egypt is one of the countries which is cooperating with Composit on acquiring rubber hoses. From 18 till 21 of September the representatives from the Suez Canal Authority with our  Egyptian dealer - U.G.E.I. visited Composit as part of business relationships. The main goal of this visit was testing of rubber hoses Composit of 850 mm diameter  to take a decision on purchasing it. According to overall conclusion our hoses have successfully passed all tests made by the Egyptian delegation. Based on this positive conclusion the Suez Canal Authority and Composit have negotiated an agreement for supplying the hoses.

12 10 2018 / - COMPOSIT
Composit at Electra Mining Africa 2018

Electra Mining Africa is a field exhibition that has united over 800 exhibitors at the area of 36000 square meters in South African national exhibition center, Johannesburg. And since 2012 it has become one of the greatest in the world. This year Electra Mining Africa was held from 10 to 14 of September. Composit took part in the exhibition as well as leading south African companies and powerful international exhibitors from such countries as Canada, the USA, Great Britain, France, Germany, Austria, Italy, Switzerland, Sweden, Russia, Turkey, India, China and Botswana. Composit members presented samples of company’s production, met the leading African manufacturers and also had an opportunity to find potential dealers to release hoses Composit in Africa in the future.

14 09 2018 / - COMPOSIT

Non self-propelled dredger “VLADIMIR PANCHENKO” customized with flexible rubber inserts ДУ 720 between metal pontoons has recently been launched. It is planned to be handed over to Federal State-Funded Institution “Lena River Basin Inland Waterways Administration” for operation at reaches of arctic rivers. The dredger is equipped with Сomposit ДУ 720 dredging pipeline. Besides there are also two compensators installed downstream and upstream of the pump ДУ 720. This dredger is designed for excavation of sandy, muddy, sandy gavel soils and for performance of the following operations: - dredging in different locations; - canal digging; - land reclamation for residential and industrial construction; - hydraulic-fill dam. Digging depth: 1 to 10 meters. In order to perform field supervision Composit LLC employees are going to visit this dredger in the near future.

13 09 2018 / - COMPOSIT

The republic of Peru is one of Latin America's countries with high level of mining industry's development. Peru is the world's second-largest copper producer as well as it is in the world's top ten largest producers and exporters of tungsten, gold, molybdenum, tin, mercury, lead, silver, zinc, etc. EXPOMINA 2018 will take place on 3 days from 12 September to 14 September 2018 in Lima. Composit will participate in this event alongside our dealer in Peru – G.R.Tech. About 850 companies, manufacturing and providing different technologies and services took part in this exhibition last year. Also the event was visited by 45000 industry professionals. Everyone is welcome to attend our stand #B259!

11 09 2018 / - COMPOSIT

From 10th to 14th of September 2018 Composit for the first time participates in the International exhibition Electra Mining Africa 2018, held in Johannesburg, UAE. The expo is the biggest South Africa industrial mining event, which presents leading engineers, producers and suppliers of many facilities. Welcome to our booth #C32, hall 5.

06 09 2018 / - COMPOSIT

In order to perform field supervision Composit LLC employees visited port of Alat in the Republic of Azerbaijan where Ministry of Emergency Situations of Azerbaijan Republic has been working with our hoses of 530 diameter. At first the hoses had been used on Kura river, then they were redirected to the port of Alat on the Caspian Sea coast.

26 06 2018 / - COMPOSIT

Today is the last day if the regular international exhibition of mining and metallurgic complex MiningWorld Central Asia 2018 that took place in Kazakhstan and was coincide with the 25th World Mining Congress. The participants were more than 2500 representatives from many countries, such as Australia, Austria, Great Britain, Canada, PRC, Norway etc. We traditionally meet our dealers from Kazakhstan for experience exchange and future plans. Thanks to all of the participants and visitors!

21 06 2018 / - COMPOSIT

The annual Central Asia international exhibition of mining and metallurgic complex will be held in Astana, Kazakhstan as a part of World Mining Congress from 19. to 21. of June. The MiningWorld Central Asia – is the biggest and the most important international exhibition of mining and metallurgic complex in Kazakhstan and Central Asia. The full range of technologies and services for mining and processing industry is represented at the expo. Composit takes part in this event annually. Welcome to our booth №B58-60!

13 06 2018 / - COMPOSIT

The annual conference and exhibition on mining, metallurgy and petroleum CIM 2018 was held in Vancouver, Canada from 6 to 9 of May 2018. More than 500 buyers and planners, engineers, researchers and other technical experts, managers and directors meet with the best equipment and service suppliers focused on serving the needs of the mining industry. This year Composit for the first time took part in this event. Thanks to exhibition contractor and all of the visitors!

17 05 2018 / - COMPOSIT

From 23d to 27th of April 2018 Composit took part in the international exhibition of mining industry Expomin 2018 that was held in Santiago, Chile. Last year we separately participated in one of the exhibitions in Chile and now we have official distributor there – Soltex Chile S.A. Every year we spread our sales territory. Thanks to all our partners, visitors and other participants!

01 05 2018 / - COMPOSIT

We are glad to annouce that Composit LLC participates in the international exhibition of mining industry Expomin 2018, which will be held from 23 to 27 April 2018 in Santiago, Chile. The significance of the event is determined by a large number of companies participating in it - 1266. The exhibition will feature electronics and electrical goods, drilling and laboratory equipment, overalls, transport, as well as rescue and safety equipment. Welcome to our booth!

23 04 2018 / - COMPOSIT

Composit at MWR 2018 Composit will participate in the 22nd International Exhibition of Machines and Equipment for Mining, Processing and Transportation of Mineral Resources in Moscow from 17. to 19. of April 2018. 320 companies from 27 countries will take part in the exhibition in 2018, and more than 4300 specialists will visit the exhibition. In the focus of the exhibition in 2018: - For the first time in the pavilion the exposition "Territory of Heavy Equipment"; - Special project "Promotion of new technologies"; - A new section of the exhibition and a series of business events "IT-technologies and automation of technological processes in the mining industry". We are waiting for everyone at the Crocus Expo, stand A413

16 04 2018 / - COMPOSIT

We would like to invite everyone interested to the Congress “Hydraulic Engineering Structures and Dredging”, that takes place in Moscow on February, 7-8th. Composit annually participates as a sponsor of the event. This year contractors expand the project aiming to cover all details of building and operation of marine constructions on water transport. The event will take place in early February before the season of dredging and marine engineering works starts. Welcome everyone!

03 02 2018 / - COMPOSIT

Advanced training of the personnel has become a part of Composit daily life for years. Members regularly read special literature, visit thematic master classes and seminars. Continual development is mandatory attribute for all of the company members. Last month the team, consisted of all of the business lines of the company, has visited Bryansk mechanical engineering plant. The purpose was sharing experiences of production activities’ actualization. During the excursion at the plant, Composit members had already kept in mind some ideas to realize. We express our highest gratitude to the plant’s CEO for the opportunity to visit the site.

12 01 2018 / - COMPOSIT

For the first time Composit hoses of 520 diameter are to be exploited on the Vasilyevsky Island in St. Petersburg. The “LSR. Bazoviye” company started the work on beach nourishment for building of a housing estate that is going to be situated opposite to Western High-Speed Diameter. The company laid 400 m of the hoses with new designed plastic floats suitable for electric cable laying. Composit has good relationships with this company for many years.

08 12 2017 / - COMPOSIT

The “Caspian Marine Service” company, Azerbaijan, initiated new dredging works on the Caspian sea. Composit floating hoses with plastic float for use on rivers and in quarries are used as part of a diesel dredger from Damen company. Dredging works are carried out in the area of Pirallahi island. The dredger has worked out more than 10,000 square meters of the volume for now.

24 11 2017 / - COMPOSIT

The 7th International Mining, Equipments, Minerals and Materials Exhibition IME 2017 was held in Kolkata, India from 8 to 11 of November 2017. This year there were presented 241 companies from 25 countries on an exhibition area of 18000 square meters, which was divided into 5 zones, based on countries geographical position. The Number of visitor rose to 16000. This year Composit took part in the exhibition with its dealer SRB company. Concurrently we supplied on trial conditions rubber pipelines to Jindal Steel & Power Ltd company. Thanks to all of the visitors! Welcome next year.

20 11 2017 / - COMPOSIT

Once again Composit took part in the biggest international maritime exhibition for innovative technology and complex shipbuilding that got together leading players of the industry. The exhibition was held in Rotterdam, the Netherlands from 7 to 10 of November 2017. More than 30000 interested visitors were registered this year. The number of exhibitors was 1100 companies from more than 45 countries worldwide. We presented floating hose for marine conditions and floating hose with universal plastic float for use on rivers and in quarries. Composit members met with company's partners. Thanks to all of the visitors. We look forward to 2019!

13 11 2017 / - COMPOSIT

From 8 to 11 of November 2017 Composit takes part in the 7th International Mining, Equipments, Minerals and Materials Exhibition IME 2017 held in Kolkata, India. More than 200 companies from 25 countries placed on exhibition area of 18000 square meters. The main subjects are mining and hoisting-and-transport equipment, minerals processing and treatment technology, geological exploration technology, automation systems, equipment for producing and distribution of electricity, electric machinery, electrical generating set, pump jacks, compression pump, water-treating equipment, chemicals, safety technology and products.

08 11 2017 / - COMPOSIT