The Deputy Governor has visited Composit

It is a fact that due to the corona virus pandemic there is a negative impact on Companies in the Kursk Region. Most of them have overcome this difficult period with minimal losses and without great turbulence. Composit is one of those Companies. On the 29th of June the Deputy Governor of the Kursk Region Viacheslav Berzin visited our company to ensure its safe transition from isolation to regular work activities. As part of the visit, Viacheslav Berzin went to our production facilities and got acquainted with the manufacturing process of rubber hoses and tracks, he also discussed with the management team and workers present. The Deputy Governor was pleasantly surprised that despite the difficult pandemic situation, Composit LLC managed to overcome the financial and economic consequences with minimal losses and restored its production capacity to 80%. In the nearest future Composit plans to restore production to full capacity.