The complex in which the diesel-electric dredger from ZAO Cimlyansk Shipbuilding Plant is currently working has recently started using 100 m of Composit floating hose with welded float designed for rivers and quarries. This supply was sent to Kazakhstan.

27 12 2016 / - COMPOSIT

Between 16 and 19 November, Composit took part in IMME 2016, the 13th International Exhibition of Mining Extraction Industry and Vehicle Construction, held in Kolkata, India. We displayed our products together with SRB Group, Composit's official goods and services Composit representative on the Indian market. Earlier, in February 2016, SRB introduced us at the International Mining Extraction Industry Exhibition IME 2016 in Kolkata. These events will help develop international business relations and stimulate the Indian mining extraction and metallurgy industry as a whole. The supply was sent to Nizhenvartovsk.

21 11 2016 / - COMPOSIT

Composit has recently taken part in a meeting with commercial departments managers from UC Metalloinvest, the Lebedinskii and Mikhailovskii mining complexes and OEMC, and with representatives of other companies working in this field, in Kursk and Belgorod Regions and other Russian regions. During the discussions, the participants learned of the companies' achievements and developments and discussed aspects of mutually beneficial future working relationships.

16 11 2016 / - COMPOSIT

Composit recently played an active part in the exhibition MINExpo International 2016, held on 26-28 September 2016 in Las Vegas, USA. This exhibition, the world's biggest for the mining industry, was visited by over 44,000 people from 130 countries. Uniquely it is held only once every 4 years and brings together the most up-to-date solutions from the industry's leading representatives, keen to demonstrate their time-saving technology.

10 11 2016 / - COMPOSIT

Composit LLC is planning to supply a 530mm-diameter hose with a distinctive float, which can carry electrical cable and, thus allows the hose to be used on an electric dredger. This pipe's destination is a quarry in Nizhnevartovsk, where our hoses are already being successfully used. Sand is being extracted with the aim of creating platforms for installation of oil equipment, as the quarry is located alongside the Samotlor oil deposit, one of the world's largest oil deposits.

31 10 2016 / - COMPOSIT

The 2nd European Dredging Summit was held in Hamburg on 14-15 September. Leading experts showed practical solutions and discussed methods of improving dredging processes in detail. Composit employees introduced the company and spoke about the work done in this industry.

21 09 2016 / - COMPOSIT
SMM 2016

Composit representatives visited SMM, the world's leading marine industry exhibition, held on 6-9 September in Hamburg, Germany. With over 2,100 exhibitors from 67 countries, and over 50,000 visitors from 108 countries, SMM continues to establish itself as the world's leading marine industry exhibition. The exhibition provides an ideal location for sharing information and experience, cementing business proposals and debating with opinion leaders in this field.

07 09 2016 / - COMPOSIT

The 22nd Central Asian International Exhibition "Mining Equipment and Extraction and Processing of Ores and Minerals" will be held from 14-16 September in Almaty, Kazakhstan. Composit invites you to visit our product display stand, no. B97.

07 09 2016 / - COMPOSIT

The annual scientific and practical conference "Modern Methods of Operation of Internal Waterways in Russia" was held in Petrozavodsk from 10-12 August 2016. Specialists working on Composit's new wear-resistant technology. Composit gave a presentation on the theme of "Wear-Resistant Technology for Hydromechanisation". The conference also saw presentations by leading specialists from Mintrans Russia, Rosmorrechflot, the Administrative Authorities for Internal Waterways, Scientific, Academic and Planning Organisations, development organisations, and manufacturers and suppliers of equipment necessary for various types of piped materials.

22 08 2016 / - COMPOSIT

Composit now has new products for its clients in the form of pinching branch hoses (grips) of wear-resistant rubber for various types of sluice gates, according to the client's sketches and diagrams. Composit's pinching hoses have been successfully tested on Larex gates and used as both a closing frame and a regulating frame because of its a floating pinch for hydrotransportation of abrasive materials at mining and processing plants.

08 08 2016 / - COMPOSIT

The national "Russian Scientific and Technical Water Transport Company", in association with the Federal Agency for Sea and River Transport and with the support of FBU Administrative Authority for the Belomorsk-Oneg Basin Internal Waterways Basin" will hold the annual scientific and practical conference "Modern Methods for operating Internal Waterways in Russia" from 10-12 August 2016 in Petrozavodsk. The main task of the conference is to discuss problems of quality of maintenance of internal waterways, the introduction of methods for maintaining internal waterways, safe navigation along these waterways and the introduction of transition technology into the operation and reconstruction of internal waterways and to exchange experiences of work on internal waterways. Composit attends this highly scientific and practical conference every year and we warmly invite everyone interested to visit the conference and discuss Composit's report and presentation.

05 08 2016 / - COMPOSIT

Specialists from Composit and OOO MGB, have developed and introduced new dredging technology. Included in the Gefest dredger (from Damen), the Composit DU-630 sea slurry hose has a draft below water level, which means that the concentration of abrasive hydro-mixture transported (sediment, sand of varying capacities and other abrasive materials) is increased and subsequently raised back ascent to its original position.

01 08 2016 / - COMPOSIT

In June 2016, Composit sent experimental products to the Kemerovo Region of Russia for testing. These Du245 bends have a wear-resistant internal chamber, made of an orange rubber mixture to make the level of wear on the item easier to access. These bends were installed in the company's premises on 27 June and are currently still being tested.

04 07 2016 / - COMPOSIT

Dredging works are currently being carried to place a gas hoses across the bottom of the Black Sea to the Crimea. The dredger "Pechora" is carrying a 300-metre length of Composit DU-630 floating hoses with a round plastic float.

15 06 2016 / - COMPOSIT
Euro Mine Expo 2016

Tuesday saw the opening of the mining industry's most important exhibition and conference in Scandinavia with innovation and business development highlighted. For the first time, Composit sent a total of over 200 exhibitors from 40 countries to the Euro Mine Expo, held on 14-16 June 2016 in Skelleftea, Sweden.

15 06 2016 / - COMPOSIT

A Composit DU-530 floating hose has been produced for transporting slurry from the Orenburg Region. This type of plastic float will allow power cables to be laid and where necessary fixed. The construction of the slurry pipe prevents movement of the floats along the hose, as they are connected by a resin-and-fabric shock absorber. The section is 150 metres long.

25 05 2016 / - COMPOSIT

The Tyumen Region sand quarry has recently acquired a Composit DU-530 floating pipe, with a welded float, for sand and gravel extraction. The section is 200 m long. The Composit pipelines installed over five years ago have proved their worth, and the company again chose Composit products when it decided to extend the section.

11 05 2016 / - COMPOSIT

The 20th International Exhibition of Technology and Equipment for Mineral Extraction and Processing was held in Moscow from 26-28 April. Almost 300 representatives of the mining industry, from 27 countries, participated in the Mining World Russia exhibition. Being a leading representative of the industry, Composit traditionally takes part in these major exhibitions, presenting its most recent developments and achievements.

11 05 2016 / - COMPOSIT
Mining World Russia 2016

The 20th International Exhibition of Technology and Equipment for Mineral Extraction and Processing was held in Moscow from 26-28 April. Almost 300 representatives of the mining industry, from 27 countries, participated in the Mining World Russia exhibition. As being a leading representative of the industry, Composit traditionally takes part in these major exhibitions, presenting its most recent developments and achievements.

03 05 2016 / - COMPOSIT
Mongolia Mining 2016

The 2016 exhibition was attended by 120 companies from many different countries including China, Russia, USA, Japan, Great Britain, Germany, Sweden, the Netherlands, Australia, the Czech Republic, Kazakhstan, Belarus, France, South Korea and Turkey. Following the recent opening of several very large mineral deposits in Mongolia for a number of world finance markets, and the rapid development of the Mongolian mining industry, demand for creation of platforms for business meetings and discussions between suppliers and consumers has increased. The Mongolia Mining Expo exhibition provides these opportunities for everyone involved in the industry. Products and services are exhibited by companies providing specialist technology, crushing installations, equipment and machines, geological prospecting and mineral refining, and by manufacturers of super-strength steel constructions, electrical generators, lighting devices and mining cables. Companies providing logistical services and restoration works are also involved in the exhibition.

20 04 2016 / - COMPOSIT
Asia Pacific Maritime 2016

Composit workers have visited Asia Pacific Maritime (APM), Asia's leading exhibition and conference for international shipbuilders and marine communities. The three-day exhibition, which attracted a total of 14,954 visitors, was held in Singapore from 16-18 March 2016. A total of 1,521 exhibitors representing over 60 countries and 17 official names, exhibited their leading products and technologies. Despite the recession in the industry, the participants once again confirmed the importance of holding these huge marine industry exhibitions in South-East Asia.

18 04 2016 / - COMPOSIT

In March 2016, to assist with gravel extraction, a Composit DU-530 floating hose was supplied with a plastic float for laying electrical cables. The pipe with a 300-metre section, was included on a dredger manufactured by ZAO CSMZ. This is the second time that a Composit slurry hose has gone to this gravel pit; the first hoses have now been working uninterrupted for over six years.

13 04 2016 / - COMPOSIT

Composit displayed mining equipment at the International Mining Exhibition IME 2016, the 6th international exhibition for mining affairs and equipment, held from 24-27 February 2016. The prestigious IME is seen as a catalyst for development of the Indian mining and metallurgy industry and is one of the most important shows of its kind in this part of the world. It is an ideal platform for global extraction, bringing together manufacturers in the mining and metallurgy industry to exchange technologies. More than 200 exhibitors from 28 countries in the world participated in the exhibition in Kolkata, India.

14 03 2016 / - COMPOSIT
The 3rd International Forum of Dredging Companies

The 3rd International Forum of Dredging Companies was held in Moscow on 25 February 2016. Over 160 people participated, including representatives of Composit. The forum was organised by Media Group PortNews, with support from Mintrans Russia and the International Association of Dredging Companies (IADC). The General Partner for the forum was FGUP Rosmorport. During the 3rd International Forum of Dredging Companies, Fertoing provided a display of photographs produced by its engineers during their construction works on the Port of Sabetta. Composit wishes to thank the forum organisers.

11 03 2016 / - COMPOSIT
Mining World Central Asia 2016

Composit has taken part in the largest and most important exhibition in Central Asia - Mining World Central Asia 2016. This international mining and metallurgy exhibition brings together the industry's leading producers and specialists and provides a full range of technology and services for the mining extraction and processing industry. Every year Composit representatives, as professionals in the mining and metallurgy industry, demonstrate innovations, meet with partners and establish new business contacts.

05 03 2016 / - COMPOSIT
IME 2016

Composit will be taking part in the International Mining Exhibition 2016 - the 6th international exhibition and congress for mining affairs and equipment, to be held in Kolkata, India on 24-27 February 2016. The first mining exhibition and congress (IME) was held in 2006, with 66 companies participating and 7,624 specialist visitors from 18 countries visiting. The Asian Mining Congress is planned as part of the IME. The mining industry is one of the most important sectors in India's economy, accounting for 11% of the country's overall industrial output. At least 87 different kinds of minerals are currently extracted. The industry is growing at an increasing rate, creating a need to attract foreign investors. This fact alone indicates that this could well become one of the most significant events of the year for companies involved in processing minerals.  Our stand at the exhibition is no. D1009.

17 02 2016 / - COMPOSIT
Composit Floating Slurry HOSES in the Moscow Region

The Morevskii Quarry, in Moscow Region, extracts sand hydromechanical means using a dredger manufactured by the Cimlyansk Shipbuilding Factory. For effective transportation, Composit floating hoses with a soft round float designed for use on rivers and in quarries are used.

26 01 2016 / - COMPOSIT
“Composit” in The Talnakh PC

The Talnakh Processing Complex is part of the Norilsk Nikel group of companies and processes rich ores from the Talnakh and Oktyabrskoye deposits and copper ores from the Oktyabrskoye deposit, to produce nickel, copper and pyrrhotite concentrates. In 2015, Composit acquired an active shareholding in the reconstruction of the Talnakh Complex. All sections have seen an improvement in production, volume and quality of processing of copper-nickel ores. To achieve this, Composit rubber bends and rubber hoses are being used.

17 01 2016 / - COMPOSIT